International tax planning

IBC Corporate Solutions Ltd can provide design of tax-efficient structures in local and international scope, assistance before, during and after the process of structure implementation, preparation and implementation of strategies leading to reduction of tax burden, structuring of entities for assets protection, assistance in liaising with different representatives or firms in different jurisdiction.
Tax planning: our international tax specialists can help to plan the tax-efficient structure designed for client’s specific needs. We can advise on structuring of special purpose vehicles and corporate structures where many jurisdictions are involved.
Interpretation and advice on Double Tax Treaties, EU-directives, and other international legislation: we have people capable of performing specialized and detailed advice on DTTs, EU-directives and other international legislation which are involved when planning an optimal structure.
Note: All advice prepared by our firm or partners of ours have relevant supporting documentation or mention the laws or rules the advice are based on, so that the client fully understands the advice and can cross-check the relevant aspects with the relevant legislation. In this way, the advice is also more reliable when being read by third parties.