Residency and Immigration Planning

Personal Tax Planning and Residency Planning are one of the key areas in International Taxation. Choosing the correct legal instruments and the right jurisdictions for this purpose are the key aspects to be considered.

Many jurisdictions in Europe (e.g. Cyprus or Malta) offer beneficial tax regimes not only for High Net Worth Individuals, but also for all types of expats and investors that are interested to relocate.

Change of residency may not only bring new adventures, new climate and upgrade the lifestyle of an individual. It usually has an important incentive that goes along with these other benefits: lower taxes.

Our firm assists individuals with services such as:

  • Re-location and change of tax residency
  • Obtaining residency by investment
  • Obtaining naturalisation by investment
  • Immigration services
  • Advice on relocation of individuals and businesses
  • Interpretation of Double Tax Treaties concerning the residency of individuals and businesses
  • Personal taxation services.