Why us

Using IBCCS as a main corporate services provider can bring many benefits. Some of them are:

Saving time – Using our firm as the main provider can save a lot of time. Instead of contacting different people in different firms in different locations, our clients have an option to be serviced by IBCCS where we take care of the structures in different jurisdictions.

Saving taxes – we can help to design or re-design the structure which will decrease or eliminate the tax costs of the business.

Professional service – services provided by our firm are at high level of professionalism and efficiency.

Flexibility and individual approach – we offer high degree of flexibility when doing business, so that our clients can have services designed to their needs.

Updates regarding tax & legal regulations – using the newsletter & our blog, we update our clients regarding all important changes in the law. Our clients can also follow the updates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Competitive fees – We offer services at the competitive rates. We are transparent with regards to our fees, so the client is always informed.