Fees for the services

Although we do have standard price list for most of the services, we prepare the individual fee proposal for each client.

The fee proposals are created based on client’s requirements and are always more beneficial for the client than charges according to the standard fee schedule.

The fees are different for all services and in some cases they have fixed prices (e.g. fee for preparation and execution of Power of Attorney), however for many services (e.g. for administration of the company) the fees are billed based on time-spent.

Whatever the case is, we are always flexible with regards to finding a system that meets the requirements of our client.

Transparency: We are transparent about the fees that are being charged and the client is always informed about any fees or disbursements which arise. The fee proposals are signed by the both parties (our firm and the client), for security and clarity purposes in the future.

Please contact us for any queries you might have and we will be happy to provide with the fee proposal for any services required.